Healthcare Furniture Trends to Watch


As we continue to move forward in the New Year, many healthcare facilities are reevaluating how they design the interior of their work environment. In years past we have seen healthcare facilities focus strictly on the medical portion of care, leaving the interior of their facilities drab and cold. However, the focus is now shifting to provide personalized and comfortable services for patients. Here are some of the new trends in healthcare furniture that are changing the ways we look at healthcare facilities.

  • Warmth- Instead of having cold, sterile interiors, healthcare furniture is now being used to make rooms feel comfortable and more like home. This means that more rooms are including sets of furniture that work in a set to give the feeling of being home rather than being in a hospital room or other healthcare facility. Healthcare furniture for these rooms typically includes a bedside table or cabinet, headwalls, and possibly a wardrobe. Healthcare furniture is also being used to not only make the patient feel more comfortable, but the family as well. Subtle lounges are being used to make the facility feel more welcoming and let the family relax while waiting for their loved one.
  • Personalized- Healthcare furniture is being used to help personalize the rooms for the patients as they arrive. Boards are being used to help the staff and the patient communicate more effectively while areas are being designated to hold family photos and flowers for the patient.
  • Multifunctional- While trying to reach the goal of creating a more welcoming environment for patients, healthcare furniture is also being created to serve more than one purpose in order to save room and become more efficient. This means that lounge furniture is being created to double as a storage unit while tables are being created to support technology.



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