Designing your Hotel Lobby


When guests come to visit your hotel, the first area they see is your hotel lobby. While many visitors will spend most of their stay in their own room, a hotel lobby should still give a positive and welcoming first impression of your entire establishment. A growing trend with the hotel lobby is to have visitors spending more time in this communal area rather than walking through and heading straight for their rooms. Here are some tips for designing a successful hotel lobby:


  • Hotels must first determine what type of guests they want to attract. Certain guests will require different items and characteristics when using a hotel lobby. A family on vacation will require plenty of space for their children and luggage while individuals on a business will require less space and more technology.
  • A hotel lobby should be home to more than just the check in desk. More hotels are including communal computers and printers to allow guests to check flights and search for local attractions. Other hotel lobbies are beginning to use their in house bars to allow guests to interact and mingle from the hotel lobby.
  • Your hotel lobby should be the first place that guests can experience your style and personality. Use color schemes, art, and furniture to express the overall atmosphere of your hotel. Blank walls and basic furniture will only give guests a reason to walk through quickly, and will leave your hotel unremembered.
  • Highlight in house services and shops with your hotel lobby. Guests are more likely to return to your hotel if they know they have the option of in house services. Small shops that offer basic toiletries, food options, and other products are also beginning to gain popularity in hotel lobbies.



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