About Educational Furniture Designs For Active Learning Environments

Teaching and learning styles are evolving in the classroom. Both are less rigid but the demand for more adaptable educational furniture is rising. Why? New technologies and growing emphasis on collaborative work in the classroom is increasing the demand for durable, flexible furnishings. Educational furniture for active learning environments helps keep students engaged and energized.

In Modern day classrooms the best learning environments are those with laptops, tablets, and furniture that promote collaborative exercises and active learning. The conventional teaching style of teacher lecturing students at the front of the class while students listen and take notes is not the best learning atmosphere.

In fact, the traditional seating of lined up row-by-columns layout reduces students’ ability to stay engaged and comprehend learning material because students are positioned to look at the backs of the heads in front of them.

Since this teaching style is ineffective, active learning environments are replacing traditional learning environments. Students learn better when flexibility and mobility in furniture are present.

In active learning environments, teachers are able to shift seamlessly between lectures; group work and presentations without making a huge disruption to classroom learning. Furniture in active learning environments has easy teardown and storage capabilities that allow classroom space to be more adaptive throughout the day.

In the traditional learning environment of row-by-column seating, large disruptions always occur because heavy chairs in a static layout take extensive time to rearrange and it’s a noisy process.

Effective learning environments need to not only keep students focused on the front of the classroom lectures but also allow students to work amongst their peers.

Traditional chairs and desk design only stifle collaborative learning because the furniture items are very restrictive in nature. Active learning collaborative furniture increases comfort, improves visuals, and continuously supports increased student interaction.

This is why classrooms need to be arranged in a way that encourages students to participate in the collaborative process.

The following are collaboration friendly features to consider adding to your classroom environment:


  • Flat seat pans. This type of furnishing allows students to shift from side-to-side, sit sideways, or sit backwards in chairs.
  • Desk designs of arc shapes, diamond shapes and wing shapes are very mobile and easily fit together during classroom collaboration activities. The desks improve both eye contact and engagement between students.
  • Vibrant colored furniture such as bright reds, apple greens, bright pinks and cerulean blue improve visual appeal of classrooms and teachers are able to attract and retain student’s attention better.

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