3 Ways To Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

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Learn how to make your office as energy efficient as possible.

Today, there is a focus on making every living space more energy efficient from your home to your office.  Depending on your where you work, your office may have outdated practices, and they might not be as environmentally friendly as they should.  It is critical that every workplace focuses on conserving energy by completing simple tasks such as turning off computers when they are not in use or recycling paper.  There are a few simple ways to make your office more energy efficient and friendly to the environment.

Bring Nature In

A simple way to make your office a little more environmentally conscious is to bring plants into your office and place them on your desk.  Plants can filter out all the harmful pollutants in your office while cooling your space at the same time.  Plants make a space cooler through a process called transpiration which simply transfer the water from plants into the air.  So, your office can stay cooler on hot days of the year by simply bring in some plants into the office.

Focus On Lighting

One of the easiest ways for your office to have a green working environment is to limit lighting and focus on natural light alternatives.  You should never leave the lights in your office turned on overnight.  Make sure if you are the last one to leave the office that your turn all the lights off.  You should make an effort on switching all incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs which use 75 percent energy compared to incandescent ones.  

Be Conscious When Printing

Everyone should focus on saving paper, but that might be difficult if you have to print a large amount of documents for your company.  Although, you can still be environmentally friendly when using your office’s print.  Try and use recycled paper to print documents, and print on both sides of a page if possible.  You should also recycle all ink and toner cartridges.

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