3 Hospitality Interior Design Tips


Discover the latest design trends in the hospitality industry.

Whether you are currently renovating your hotel or in the midst of building it from the ground up, you should have a well thought out interior design plan.  Your hotel should feel welcoming to guests as soon as they walk through the doors to begin their stay.  Your guests should feel comfortable throughout their stay, and it all starts with hotel interior design.  There a few simple interior design tips to elevate your hotel.

The Simpler, the Better

When a guest walks into your hotel and in their room, they want to relax on a comfortable bed and forget all their worries.  They don’t want to be overwhelmed with a room stocked extra items such as an excess of accent pillows, bathroom amenities, and an overflow of wall artwork.  Most likely a guest is not going to spend all their time in the room, so design layout should be simple to meet their needs.  A guest is likely going to use the room to sleep and get ready for their day, so just design the room to meet their basic wants and needs.

Green Is In

More than ever, hotels are choosing to design their hotel with the environment and energy conservation in mind.  Guests want to stay at a hotel that cares for the environment and is trying to conserve it by designing with recycled material and using LED bulbs to light rooms.  It is important to bring a little bit of nature into your hotel, so focus on having a couple of large accent plants placed around your hotel.

Lighting Is Critical

It is amazing how lighting can affect the mood and energy of a specific area.  When designing your hotel, try to keep in mind how you can let as much natural light in as possible.  Natural light helps to elevate your guest’s moods and makes them feel more relaxed.  Fluorescent lighting can negatively affect one’s health.  Dim lighting, in general, can make a space feel cramped, so it is important to have all of your rooms well lit.  

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