Designing Your Restaurant with Modern Furniture

edwards & hill designing your restaurant with modern furniture

Here are a few helpful tips to help you while designing your restaurant with modern furniture.

Utilizing traditional designs to make a soothing ambiance in restaurants has endured. In contrast, restaurant furniture with modern designs has quickly become a popular design style. Here are a few helpful tips to help you while designing your restaurant with modern furniture.

Designing Restaurant Ambiance with Modern Furniture

Besides making a practical seating layout, carefully selecting modern furniture is essential for the perfect dining experience for your guests.

Shape of Restaurant Furniture

The shape of your restaurant furniture determines the ambiance, comfort, and space utilization. For instance, round tables can seat more guests and make them interactive rather than space-efficient square tables. In addition, it requires you to create a balance between profitability and your guests’ comfort.

Size of Restaurant Furniture

Consider the size of your restaurant table when designing your restaurant with modern furniture. You must also ensure plenty of space for dishes, menu cards, cutlery, and more for each guest. In addition, the table size depends on your restaurant type. For example, restaurants with several course menus need more space than food-type service. Generally, the table size should be around 2 to 2.5 square feet per customer.


While designing your restaurant with modern furniture, consider cleanability and maintainability. Despite how charming your furnishings appears, elaborate designs on restaurant chairs with carved patterns are challenging to clean. Similarly, upholstery and fabrics in the furniture are prone to stains. So, make sure that you choose a treated material that is colorfast.


Focus on providing cozy seating to your guests when designing your furniture with modern furniture. Although restaurant chairs with barstools or arms might occupy more space, they can be more comfortable.


Implementing a modern design for your restaurant depends on your business model, vision, and the dining experience type you want to make. Also, modern furniture is adaptable and helps to create a welcoming and minimalistic ambiance. By taking note of these pointers, you’ll be able to create a profitable restaurant business after designing your restaurant with modern furniture.

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