Guide to Creating a Film and Video Production Studio

edwards & hill creating a film and video production studio

This is a guide to creating a film and video production studio.

Companies of all sizes are producing more video content than ever. A studio environment is perfect for making professional, high-quality videos. Also, live video is becoming a primary tool for businesses. Problem is, video studio spaces aren’t always available. The solution is to construct a studio on your premises. This is a guide to creating a film and video production studio.

Key Considerations for Your Film and Video Production Studio

By creating a film and video production studio, corporations can reduce their employees’ travel time and save on expenses. Consider the following factors:

Selecting the Right Space

While creating a film and production studio space is ideal, combining it with a meeting room is possible. Additionally, a permanent studio setup will reduce prep time and increase recording among employees. Studio time should also be distraction-free for production staff. Plus, setting up a booking system for the video studio room will ensure an uninterrupted workflow.

Consider the Room Size

Typically, room dimensions should not be smaller than 12 feet x 18 feet. So, there should be a minimum of four feet between the subject and the camera. Also, add another four feet between the background and the subject. Remember, shooting close to a wall isn’t ideal because doing so can create harsh shadows. That lovely bokeh effect (heavily blurred background with perfect focus on the subject) always looks excellent on camera, but you must determine the spacing is proper to make it.

For Best Results, Find a Quiet Space

Finding a quiet studio environment is often challenging regarding setting up a corporate video studio. However, it’s also among the most critical. After all, nobody wants construction, air conditioning, sirens, wailing, and other background noises to end up in the final video. In addition, the sound will bounce off the walls and make echoes if the space is significant and somewhat furnished. For best results, add acoustic foam panels or hang up blankets to reduce echoes and outside sounds in a room with four walls.

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