Factors to Consider for Choosing a Conference Room Tv

edwards & hill Choosing a Conference Room Tv

Choosing a conference room TV that makes meetings and presentations easier is a huge asset!

If you’re revamping your conference room to accommodate more in-person gatherings, choosing a conference room TV that makes meetings and presentations easier is a huge asset! Did you know that your TV’s size, resolution, and placement can make a huge difference when trying to watch and absorb information? Choosing the wrong place or a screen that’s not the right size for your space can increase eye strain for everyone in the meeting, give the wrong impression, or give your team headaches! How do you ensure you’re choosing a suitable conference room TV? We have a few tips to make the whole process simpler.

How Can You Ensure Choosing a Conference Room TV That’s Right for Your Space?

The Right Size & Resolution

When choosing a conference room TV, you should always consider the shape and size of your room and how close people will be sitting to the screen. Believe it or not, you can purchase a TV that’s too large! You can let the optimal viewing distance guide you to the proper resolution- typically, the higher the resolution, the closer people can sit safely at the screen. There is a plethora of  TV sizes and resolutions, and we’re happy to help steer you to the perfect one for your space.

The Right Placement

When choosing a conference room TV, you should also consider the viewing angles of everyone sitting in the room. While that may seem like an overwhelming math equation, it’s not as complicated as you think! There are two fundamental dimensions to consider when picking the proper placement. Once you have the size of your TV, you can measure rough angles horizontally and vertically. The ideal placement will be about 40 degrees horizontally and 35 degrees or under vertically. So consider the closest and furthest chair away from the screen. If it’s impossible to have the TV in the sweet spot for viewers, you can get a swiveling mount to tilt the TV up and down or side to side to optimize for everyone in the conference room.

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