Design Tips for Creating a Luxury Spa

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Here are some essential design tips for creating a luxury spa.

A luxury spa is a place where patrons can escape from daily and weekly stressors. One of the greatest joys is having a masseuse tend to sore muscles or having an esthetician take care of your skin. Arguably, most people love to feel pampered. Of course, the services that a luxury spa offers aid in escapism. However, the proper layout and color schemes also create a soothing ambiance. Here are some essential design tips for creating a luxury spa.

The Color Scheme for a Luxury Spa

Dark colors make any room feel small and cozy. However, if you want your patrons to experience the ultimate relaxation, go for lighter colors. Lighter colors create the impression of an open, airy space. Use light colors for the accents, graphics, and pictures. Additionally, a monochromatic color scheme will make a room feel bigger. Also, blues, greens, pastel colors, and violets all have a calming effect.

The Furniture

Whether it’s an office or luxury spa, you always want to include functional and beautiful furniture. The treatment room furniture should come in natural materials and woods. Here, you can opt for darker options to make the room feel cozier, particularly in massage rooms. Modern massage tables with built-in storage space are practical. Also, ornate storage pieces such as cabinets in the waiting area work for a luxury spa.

Additionally, chairs and sofas with unique or decorative lines, vibrant colors, or distinctive textures will take your design scheme to the next level. Water features are also excellent for creating a tranquil environment. Use these features in various rooms in your luxury spa versus the lobby or waiting area to aid in an intimate ambiance.

Consider Feng Shui Interior Design Elements

Feng shui involves arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony, balance, and peace and maximize energy flow. In short, it consists of strategically designing a room and furniture pieces to maximize results. A luxury spa or office space that utilizes this tradition won’t appear cluttered. After all, visual clutter isn’t conducive to a peaceful environment. The point is that you want your clients to escape from the outside world.

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