Enhancing Your Conference Room for a Productive Workplace

edwards & hill enhancing your conference room

Read on for some tips for enhancing your conference room.

Now that most offices have at least some employees come back at least some of the time, many managers are looking at how they can make office spaces more inviting, accommodating, and comfortable. Offices need more than just style; they need to be places that promote comfort and efficiency. You want all parts of the office design to spark both inclusion and productivity, especially the conference room – which may well be the room that gets the most use these days (with many employees only coming to the office in person for more important meetings). Read on for some tips for enhancing your conference room.

Don’t Skimp On AV

Not everyone will come into the office for those meetings, so ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date tech possible. Nothing is worse than being on the zoom end of the meeting and unable to hear what is said at the end of the conference table.

Allow Distance

We’re still all about the social distancing, so don’t cram the room so full that people are elbowing each other. Enhancing your conference room will spread out the space.

Don’t Limit Movement

Once you start looking for furniture, keep in mind that you want it to be moveable. You want people to have the freedom to place their chairs where they’re comfortable or move them around as needed for discussions. If the conference table is moveable, the room could be multi-use. These days you’re always better off planning for change.

Choose Bright Colors

Light colors can make a smaller space feel more prominent, which is why whites and off-whites are the go-to wall colors. Consider livening things up with a pop of exciting, bright color here and there. It can improve morale and boost employee productivity.

Don’t Add Distractions

If you have multiple options for where the conference room goes, choose one without a distracting view. Save that for the break room or even the lobby. When people are in the conference room, you want them to be able to focus.

Let In the Light

Don’t block out that natural sunlight to block the distractions. Also, enhancing your conference room with natural light will make you and your team happy and more productive.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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