Encouraging Hot Desking With Office Furniture

Encouraging Hot Desking With Office Furniture

While older trends focused on privacy and solitude, hot desking encourages collaboration and connection.

Office design trends come and go through the years, but they all have the same goal: to make it easier for people to work comfortably and productively. That was the goal with the private office, that was the goal with the cubical, and that continues to be the goal with hot desking. While older trends focused on privacy and solitude, hot desking encourages collaboration and connection. Read on to learn all you need to know about hot desking, including how to achieve it through your office furniture choices. 

What Is Hot Desking?

Remember when you went from high school, where you had assigned seating, to college, where you could choose any desk in the room each day? Hot desking is the corporate equivalent of that. Instead of each employee having assigned spaces, this type of seating allows and encourages employees to move around and work where they are comfortable each day. It is meant to do away with the silo-ing of work functions and encourage collaboration. Hot desking is achieved through an open layout office space that utilizes furniture effectively. 

Hot Desking With Desks

Modular desks are the closest thing to cubes that you will find in a hot desking, open-concept office. They combine the sense of privacy with the ability to collaborate by having low and sometimes removable partitions between the work stations. For best results, you need to make sure that there are enough desks for each employee and that they are easy to move and rearrange, in case a group of employees needs a bigger work area. 

Hot Desking With Lounge Furniture

If you want to inspire creativity, you have to give it a variety of spaces to flourish, even casual ones. Gone are the days of assuming that lounge areas will lead to leisure. Create a casual lounge space with comfortable furniture for employees to use during brainstorming sessions and on breaks. 

Hot Desking With Conference Tables

Conference furniture is another great way to encourage creative collaboration, by replacing some (and sometimes all) individual desks with long conference tables. Make sure there is a seat for each employee, and opt for comfortable chairs that are easy to move around. 

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