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Most businesses must consider remote work at any given time when viewing office design trends for 2022.

Office design trends have gradually shifted toward spaces that include efficiency, multi-functionality, and are environmentally friendly. Most businesses must consider remote work at any given time when viewing office design trends for 2022. Let’s discuss the variety of office designs that mix adaptability, technology, and a healthy dose of social distancing.

Social Distanced Workstations

Many businesses must vision their office design with extra space in mind. Your employees may feel safer and comfortable with six-foot distances between workstations. A simple fix for open layouts is to place seating positions throughout the workspace. Also, some companies use transparent plastic or glass panels to protect employees while still allowing them to see each other.

While these options are acceptable for the time being, long-term solutions should be considered more natural and visually appealing. For instance, offices can switch to individual desks or tables instead of having empty seats between employees at a table. This office design aims to divide a shared space in a way that doesn’t interfere with the functionality of an office.  

Additional Technology Integration

Furthermore, screens, microphones, and cameras will be crucial to office design in 2022. Some businesses will continue to have workers in the office, and they will most likely communicate with employees working remotely. For example, interactive whiteboards and multiple video screens can ensure everyone in a meeting can collaborate on the same project.  

Reconsider Communal Areas

Moreover, even after COVID-19 passes, some employees will be hesitant to enjoy communal spaces like they previously had. As a result, collaborative spaces such as conference rooms and bathrooms must be treated differently. Here are several office design tips:

  • Ensure the office furniture can be easily moved and cleaned. You will be able to shift the layout of a room without a problem effortlessly.
  • One solution for appliances in areas like kitchens is to have a small fridge for each department to limit the number of employees using the same appliance.
  • Add touchless technology like motion lights, automatic doors, and automatic faucets in your office space to reduce the spread of germs.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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