Healthcare Furniture for a Safe and Secure Environment

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Edwards & Hill furniture is designed for healthcare settings, particularly for psychiatric equipment to provide excellent care to patients.

Safety and security are the primary concerns in behavioral health. The design aspect of behavioral health is directed to creating healing, calming communities that relate to the character, thus permitting the exploration and understanding of the illnesses. Edwards & Hill furniture is designed for these critical settings, particularly for psychiatric equipment to provide excellent care to patients.  

Seating Furniture for Behavioral Healthcare

Since Edwards & Hill are focused on the safety requirements for both patients and staff, their furniture is designed for the patient’s health and safety. The seating features should include the following: 

  • Steel-reinforcement
  • Tamper-proof screws
  • Softly rounded seating edges
  • Ability to be mounted to the floor
  • Provide a comfortable and inviting environment

These essential features can promote a positive effect on behavior.

Dining and Occasional Tables

Moreover, any behavioral healthcare setting design aims to help people feel relaxed and interested in treatment. The tables for behavioral settings must be sturdy, durable, and tamper-proof. A great advantage is when those tables can be effortlessly cleaned and maintained every day. An example is a multi-purpose table for dining and group activities to learn various skills. Most tables come in different sizes to accommodate the space and behavioral levels.

Durable Furniture in Patient Rooms

Furthermore, the goal of behavioral patient rooms is to deliver a peaceful atmosphere, which is so essential to adding a calming design to patient rooms. Significant windows with window seats provide the opportunity for patients to experience the calming effects of nature while sitting or resting in bed. Also, all beds, chairs, casegoods, and tables must be solid, secured, and made of durable finishes that can survive the daily use. Examples of casegoods may include chests, dressers, bookshelves, and cabinets with no doors or drawers so no items can be collected or hidden from the staff.  

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Medical Furniture and Design Needs

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