3 Tips to Achieve Cost-Conscious Hospitality Design

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Trying to figure out the proper hospitality design to fit your needs, your brand identity, and your aesthetic is a lot of work.

Trying to figure out the proper hospitality design to fit your needs, your brand identity, and your aesthetic is a lot of work. Part of this work is done by changing the fundamentals of the space, like the flooring and the wall colors, but most of it rests on the furniture and accessories in the various spaces. The furniture you choose should meet the room’s needs, be comfortable and fashionable, and also fit your budget. That’s a tall order, and whether you’re buying new, buying used, or looking for a furniture rental, these four tips can help you achieve your hospitality design vision.

Start With a Drawing

If your goal is a great hospitality design, it is time to get out of your head and start writing it down on paper. Start by sketching everything you’ve been thinking about the project, from how you expect areas to flow to how you wish furniture to be used. Are you including a pull-out couch or sleeper-chair in a room to increase the number of beds? Are you also having a convertible standing desk in the executive suite to appeal to business professionals who are used to choose in their ergonomic furniture? Get the ideas down so you can see them and sort through them. If your inspiration comes from magazine pictures, gather them together, so you have them in one place.

Get A Professional Rendering

Even if you haven’t been working with a professional interior designer, planner, or architect, now might be a good time to bring one in. They will have the software you may not have access to, which can help you visually lay out the spaces to scale. It is fine to envision including a side table in the entrance hall or placing the dresser and your chosen TV in the center line with the bed. Still, that scale drawing is where you’ll see that the dresser blocks the front door from fully opening, and the side table makes the hallway non-ADA-compliant.

Try It Out

If possible, get the furniture on-site and set up one of the rooms before you commit. In addition, moving around in the space and trying out the chairs is key to knowing if they work for you. This is easiest if you’re renting (you can change your contract if the stuff doesn’t fit) or custom building (the company should provide prototypes.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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