The Best Way To Use Traditional Furniture In Your Hotel Lobby

traditional furniture hotel lobby

Creating the perfect lobby using traditional furniture.

All hotels have their own unique personality. As such, when you are trying to find furniture inspiration you ideally want to highlight certain parts of the hotel to invite and welcome guests. In fact, hotel lobbies that are designed in a traditional sense are typically best suited to hotels situated in historic towns. Furthermore, a hotel guest would seem out of sorts if they were to walk into a historic building built in the 1900s to find it decorated with modern furniture. In this case, you would want your furniture to be more traditional to complement the existing structure that you are working with.

It’s All About Color Scheme

A lobby that is designed traditionally is likely to contain a specific color scheme to define each space. In fact, incorporating a variety of neutral colors with wood finishes is the classic way to use traditional design in your hotel lobby. In addition, many instances of a traditional design feature warm wood finishes allowing guests to feel cozy and comfortable during their stay.

Furniture Must Be Selectively Chosen

It is critical to choose your hotel lobby furniture very wisely. Typically, traditionally designed hotels use furniture as the focal point in a lobby. In fact, the best traditional designed lobbies contain a uniform seating arrangement paired with upholstered cushions and a variety of throw pillows. In turn, this type of seating arrangement allows for guests to sit and chat and enjoy the lobby atmosphere.

Accents Are A Critical Component To A Hotel Lobby Design

In order for a hotel to tie the whole lobby together, the little things must always be remembered. For example, adding luxury drapes or an intricate chandelier can create a very fancy aesthetic that would accompany the whole vibe of a traditionally designed hotel.

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