5 Things Every Hotel Guest Room Must Have

hotel guest room

The guest room is the most important part of the hospitality experience.

The guest room is at the heart of what makes a quality hotel experience. Comfortable guestrooms provide a welcoming space that take the stress out of your guest’s visit. In order to achieve this, there are a few essential items that every hotel guest room must have.

A Comfy Bed

A good quality, comfy bed is the absolute most important thing you can provide your guest. If you’ve ever traveled anywhere, you probably know first hand how difficult it can sometimes be to fall asleep when you’re not in the comfort of your own home. Mattresses are an important investment, as a good mattress can make a huge difference in the ability for guests to feel comfortable.


Nightstands are a great place for lighting fixtures and provide an easy access location for charging phones, keys and other accessories. The nightstand can also serve as a barrier between two beds.

Luggage Rack

A luggage rack is incredibly convenient, especially for guests who are going to be staying for multiple nights. A luggage rack makes it easy for guests to get to their belongings without dumping all their luggage onto the bed.

A Comfy Chair and Desk

Many people who are traveling for work also need to get things done while on the road. A desk with ample space and access to plenty of data ports and electrical outlets is critical. Also keep in mind that the bed isn’t the only place where guests will want to get comfy. A nice armoire or office chair helps complete the entire guest room experience.

Proper Lighting

The right lighting can make a surprisingly large difference in the hotel guest room experience. It’s important that guests have access to ample light throughout the space, and should be able to turn on a variety of fixtures as they’re needed. The type of lighting also matters, and you should be sure to offer at least some form of natural light.

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