How to Create Quiet Spaces in an Open Office Plan

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An open office layout doesn’t have to be full of distractions.

Open offices have been trending in office design for some time now. Today, as many as 70% of office spaces are designed with an open layout. Open offices are certainly advantageous for collaborative workflows. However, when it comes to getting work done individually, sharing your space with a lot of other employees can present a big challenge. Studies have shown that employees in open office spaces are less productive, more nervous, stressed, and overall dissatisfied with their working environment. This is why it’s so important to find quiet areas within your office layout where workers can concentrate. Here are a few tips.

Add an Additional Monitor or Two

You might be surprised how much of a different an additional monitor or two can make for your employees’ workstations. Especially if  your desks do not have dividers, a monitor can help prevent distracting motions catch your peripheral vision. Multiple monitors also give you more to focus on, limiting the amount of potential distractions around you.

Create Designated Meeting Areas

While a formal conference room is great for scheduled meetings, sometimes your employees need a space for off the cuff brainstorming sessions or impromptu conversations. In addition to give your employees an area where they won’t be interrupted, this will help keep the noise level of your open office at a minimum.

Provide “Loud Spaces”

In addition to creating quiet spaces, it’s also important to designate areas where people are encouraged to have interaction and discussion. Whether it’s a lunch area, game room, or reception area, every office needs a space where employees can feel free to chat without limitations. If your space is limited, think about designated certain “quiet” and “loud” hours for employees.

Invest in a Phone Booth

Often times employees will need to take long phone calls, and doing so in the middle of your open office can be incredibly distracting for the rest of your team. Building a dedicated phone “booth” area within your office can go a long ways towards improving your work environment for everyone. Plus, it will give the person taking the call a little extra privacy.

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