Designing an Office for the Millennial Workforce

Office design must evolve to match the needs of millennial workers.

Office design must evolve to match the needs of millennial workers.

Did you know that in 2015, millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation of the U.S. workforce? Workplace design trends are changing, and it’s more important than ever to create an office that inspires millennials, especially if you’re looking to grow your business. The planning process for office design isn’t as straightforward as it was 15 years ago. Here are a few things to consider when designing your workplace for millennials.

Create Active Design

One trend that often goes overlooked in many new offices is the need for workplaces with active design. That means a space that encourages walking and general movement. Positioning is key here. For example, copy centers might be placed on the opposite side of the office from the kitchen. Offices incubate sedentary behavior, which is why it’s crucial to encourage a culture that motivates and rewards employees to move about and interact.

Empower Collaboration

Open offices have become sort of a stereotype for certain kinds of startups and businesses, which has left many to overlook why they became so popular in the first place. Collaboration is at the heart of today’s workforce, not just for productivity purposes but as a way of driving a better, more inclusive company culture. Bring in furniture that suits a variety of work styles. Also make sure that your break/lounge room feels open and comfortable rather than promotes cliquish workplace behaviors.

A Smart Space

Millennials have their own ways of doings things, and they don’t like being held up by ancient office design and technology. If you have old phones or window blinds that look like they’re from the early 90’s, it could be a big annoyance to employees. Embracing technology in the workplace not only makes your company more agile and flexible, but also makes you more attractive to potential hires.

Health and Wellness

Today’s workforce values health and wellness much more than in the past, so it’s important for employers to be conscious of work-life balance. While millennials may spend long hours at the office, they also value maintaining their own health. Gyms and wellness programs are huge trends in office design, and providing one signals to employees that company values the same things they value. This is particularly important when it comes to employee retention and your company’s overall profitability.

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