Do You Need Control Center Furniture for Your Command Office?

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Does your command office need control center furniture?

Does your command office need control center furniture? Choosing the control room console furniture is the basis of an excellent command office. Government agencies, such as police or fire departments, can use it during emergencies.

Understand Your Facility’s Existing Furniture Design

Before determining the ideal control center furniture for your facility, it’s imperative to understand the existing structure. This will help identify possible problems and provide ideas for enhancing the control room console design. You may start by:

  • Analyzing the console’s layout and noting any areas that are hard to reach.
  • Inspect the design ergonomics and determine any improvement areas.
  • View the overall design aesthetics and check for ways to make it modern.

Create a Comfortable Command Center

A safe and comfortable workplace is vital in any command center. You can minimize stress and enhance efficiency. Some tips for creating a comfortable workspace include:

You Must Have Ergonomic and Modular Furniture

The control center furniture must be ergonomic to comfort the operator and reduce fatigue. In addition, the table must be adjustable to accommodate various body sizes and shapes. The work surfaces should be significant enough to accommodate all necessary equipment.

Ensure the Control Room Furnishings are Easy to Reconfigure

You should ensure the control center furniture is easy to reconfigure. Furniture that is bulky or hard to move can prevent your control room from responding to changes. Overall, this will help your control room adapt to changing needs quickly and efficiently.


Console furnishings are an essential element in designing control rooms. Additionally, the console may be of any shape, size, and color. However, performance and productivity should be your primary goal. Therefore, patience and strategic planning will help you save money and time to get it right.

If you need control center furniture, you must collaborate with a furniture supplier who understands working with commercial and government clients. At Edwards & Hill Office Furniture, we know the process and promptly ensure you receive the furniture you need.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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