What is the Proper Viewing Distance for High Resolution Screens?

viewing distance hi res monitors

Avoid eye strain yet maximize screen resolution effect

When it comes to planning out conference rooms or viewing stations, it is important to to coordinate the size of the monitor with the distance the viewers will be from the screen.

The important thing we want to avoid is eye strain. This occurs when one is too close to a screen. On the other hand, if we sit too far back, we will lose the benefits of today’s higher resolution screens.

To take advantage of today’s 1080 HD, 2K and 4K monitors, we actually should sit closer than ever so as to take full advantage of the superior resolutions. Studies show that the optimum viewing distance for a 1080P monitor is 1.6x the screen size.

That means that to get full benefit of the 1080P resolution, the ideal distance for watching a 50” screen (always measured diagonally) is 80” — or just under 7 feet. Closer than that one will be distracted by the pixels. Going much further back starts diminishing the full benefit of the higher resolution.

But then there’s the real world. Some people find that being that close to a screen still causes eye strain. And there is not likely to be just one person in the room. So, a balance needs to be achieved. We suggest conducting a polling session using different screen types and sizes with a sample of prospective viewers.

Also keep in mind that conversely, room constraints might dictate the size of the screen. In such cases, working backward from a fixed viewing distance to determine an ideal screen size will be in order.

The overarching point here is that when contracting to have a conference room or viewing station built, the type and size of the screen should be agreed upon in the planning stages, just like any other design factor. In the end, that’s just part of “listening” to the client — something we pride ourselves on at Edwards & Hill Office Furniture.

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