Start Greening Your Office Space with Green Walls!

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So, why should you have green walls in your office space?

Do you ever have days when you feel underachieved or experience a post-lunch dip at work? A working environment significantly influences our mood and behavior more than we think. We spend most of our days sitting down, working in an unnatural environment. However, there is something you can do to elevate your workplace. It’s time to take matters into your hands and start greening your office space with green walls!

Enhance Air Quality in the Office

So, why should you have green walls in your office space? According to WHO, the World Health Organization report, 30% of new and remodeled properties globally are prone to excessive complaints linked to indoor air quality. As a result, low-quality indoor air leads to various symptoms, from sore throats and headaches to respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Hence, applying green walls in your office building will tackle this issue.

Boost Creativity and Productivity

Moreover, plants positively impact people. A biophilic design workplace equals a productive workplace. In addition, green offices increase employee engagement and concentration levels. Consequently, this shows a rise after introducing plants into the office.

Reduce Indoor Noise Levels

Another reason for adding green walls to your office space is the reduced ambient noise. This leads to frustration, concentration problems, headaches, and fatigue. In contrast, a green wall acts as a sound barrier on your property. It absorbs more sound than a traditional wall. The green wall panels by our partnership, VistaFolia, excel at reducing background noise regardless if the sound is coming from outside or if you are the one who’s producing it. Therefore, the indoor environment is much quieter.

Increase the Well-Being of People

Working in a green environment positively impacts the well-being of people. Changing this atmosphere by applying green is a simple way to make employees happier and healthier and increase energy levels. Green walls in your office space offer relaxation and minimize stress. Additionally, the plants add liveliness to any office environment, and the bright colors positively affect anyone’s mood.

Cooler Air, Less AC Needed

The plants in indoor green walls function to cool the air in warm summer months. When the indoor atmosphere heats up, the plants release excess water from their leaves. By releasing evaporated water, the plants cool themselves and their environment. This results in significant energy savings, not requiring air conditioning.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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