Support Office Morale by Creating a Relaxing Office Break Room Design

edwards & hill office break room design

Support office morale with a relaxing office break room design. Here’s how!

One of the significant mistakes companies can make in their workplace is leaving their office break room design on the back burner. The glum interior – if there’s even a break room at all – can often be underused. This results in a waste of precious office space. Even though the work expected is demanding, today’s work environments are more open and laid back. Employees need the opportunity to rest and refresh to be mentally ready to conquer their tasks. So, support office morale with a relaxing office break room design. Here’s how!

Consider Various Seating Methods

Having seats welcomes workers to get together and socialize. Or, it gives a scenery change in today’s open office culture for people to read over paperwork or respond to emails. In an office break room design, different seating enables everyone to locate a comfy spot to sit back and decompress. So, offering a combination of couches, armchairs, or booth-like seating signifies everyone may find an option that satisfies their needs for that day.

In addition, employees need an area away from their desks to take sufficient breaks. For some, it may be listening to a podcast or browsing the web, while others want to catch a power nap.

Make the Space Feel Unique from the Office

Moreover, taking breaks boosts productivity and creativity. The best way for employees to pause their work is to place themselves in a less work-focused environment. So, make the break room feel relaxed and homier with potted plants, residential-looing furniture, and entertainment options.

Furthermore, this could be a ping pong table, a TV, a pool table, or whatever else to add some fun to the office break room. These extras are handy for team-building get-togethers such as a movie night or those late nights when you’re all working but want to relax together.

Create a Lunch Area

Many employees have worked through lunch and ate at their desks to be productive. While deadlines may occasionally make this necessary, you must encourage workers to take advantage of their lunch break. So, set up a table or tables for coworkers to chat over lunch or a morning coffee together. As a result, encouraging this socializing throughout the office leads to better workplace relationships.

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