Enhance Your Workplace with These Office Space Planning Tips

edwards & hill office space planning

Office space planning is how you inspect, track, and manage your physical office environment.

Today, flexible setups such as shared workspaces and open floor plans are more prevalent – especially as more businesses embrace hybrid work. As a workplace manager, it might be challenging to allow on-site and remote work while also developing a workplace employees want to attend. That’s where office space planning comes in. Office space planning is how you inspect, track, and manage your physical office environment. In this post, we’ll cover some office space planning ways to enhance your workplace.

Analyze Your Workspace

As you inspect different floor plans and space design options, you must understand what’s realistic. That comes together by understanding how employees use your existing space and what practical changes you can accommodate. For instance, it’s time to create some space changes if your office kitchen takes up half the floor, but no one uses it.

Or the huddle spaces only take up a small portion of your space but are booked daily. While you cannot knock down several walls in the office, you can replace cubicles with tables to offer more flexibility or swap out lighting features to set a better mood.

Increase Employee Engagement

Are you uncertain how to make your workplace where employees want to work? Ask them! Before you decide, send out a survey to understand your employees’ preferences. Proactively communicate space changes or involve interested employees in office space planning.

Fortunately, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture can consult with you to determine how many people you expect to have in the space. We can collaborate with you at whatever level you need and manage every detail from top to bottom.

Monitor What’s Working or What’s Not

The final step to a successful office space management plan is monitoring what’s working and what’s not. Although no workplace configuration is permanent, it should be flexible. Your layout and decisions should change as your employees’ preferences change. So, make sure that your workplace design is constantly a living, breathing process.

Ultimately, office space planning refers to understanding how employees utilize your space and make strategic design decisions to accommodate their needs. As a result, collaboration, creativity, and productivity increase.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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