Trends in Hospitality Lighting

hospitality lighting

Dynamic lighting can help people work better and reduce jetlag.

When it comes to hotels and restaurants, lighting is an essential way to differentiate from competitors and create a unique ambiance. Therefore, it pays to be ahead of the curve and know the various trends that are currently influencing lighting design in hospitality venues. Here are just a few technologies that are moving the industry forward.

Lighting for Better Health

The right light can help us work. It’s believed that lighting influences our circadian rhythms or “body clocks”, and nowhere is this more important than in hospitality. Dynamic lighting and lighting fixtures that mimic the experience of the sun may have a significant impact on how people experience jetlag. While biodynamic lighting is still not entirely the norm, it’s something to look out for on the horizon.

Energy Saving LED Retrofits

Many hotel chains, pub owners, and cafes are replacing their halogen lamps with LEDs because they can save big on both energy and maintenance requirements. LED lamps today offer quality lighting and even come with reassurances from robust warranties, making them an incredibly safe choice. The wild west of the LED market is just starting to be tamed, and this is likely a trend that will continue for some time.

Lights in Unexpected Places

The “Jevons Paradox” is the idea that, as we learn to use our resources more efficiently, we actually just end up using more of it instead of less. As LED prices continue to drop, it may be that we end up simply finding new places for them instead of cutting back on energy use altogether. Many businesses are using lighting as a way to brand their interiors and make their spaces more easily recognisable, for example.

More Control

The next big thing in lighting after LED is smart fixtures that give more control. Not only will hospitality owners be able to slash electricity costs by turning lights off when nobody is there, but more lighting control provides new opportunities for creating atmosphere and adding pizzaz to your venue. The light switch isn’t dead just yet, however. Lighting controls can still be confusing, which is why it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for manufacturers who provide a simpler interface.

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