Tips for Command Center Design and Furnishing

command center design

Don’t let uninformed design choices hinder your command center’s efficiency.

Command centers are often high-stress, mission-critical environments where every second wasted is a crucial one. Operations in these rooms can’t afford to have their efficiency thrown off course by something as easy to fix as furniture and design. When it comes to command center design, here are some things to think about to optimize efficiency.

Ergonomics and Efficiency

We talk about ergonomics a lot in office furniture and office design, but it’s arguably even more important in control rooms, especially emergency command centers. There could be long shifts, and there could be a need for quick reactions to nearby information or items. It’s important for command center workers both to be comfortable on long shifts and for them to be able to navigate their space without obstruction or hindrance. Standing or dynamic workspaces help workers react quickly and spring to action if need be (especially if employees of different heights share a station), while stacking monitors and providing adequate storage space can help keep everything within a manageable space.

Consider Function

Is your command center collaborative or individualistic? In other words, should your command center design and furniture offer a degree of privacy, or facilitate easy and open communication? The furniture you select and the way you lay out your space can go a long way in helping in either direction, so make sure you consider your function as part of your design choices.

An efficient control room or command center has as much to do with the way it’s designed as it does the people within it. Choosing the right command center furniture will produce a noticeable boost in your center’s productivity. If you’d like an expert’s opinion on designing and furnishing a command center for peak efficiency, never hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options.

Edwards & Hill Can Help with Your Command Center Design

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