Things to Consider When Buying a Hutch for Your Desk


A hutch is a perfect way to add additional storage and offer employees more space with a limited budget.

Are you shopping for a new desk or hutch for your office? A hutch is a perfect way to add additional storage and offer employees more space with a limited budget. What are the main things that you need to consider when purchasing a new hutch for your office desk?

Measure More Than Once

Choosing a desk hutch is not always an easy task if you are looking for custom-sized hutches. The hutch base should always be smaller than the desk that you are going to put on top of it. Depending on what type of desk hutch you are looking for, it might have fluted molding on the top, so the overall measurement would be 1-2 inches larger than the base. Always check the specifications on any desk hutch you are interested in purchasing to make sure that it will fit over your desk properly.


When shopping for a new hutch for your office desk, also keep in mind how tall your computer monitor and the lowest shelf underneath will be. If the hutch cannot fit your computer underneath it, it won’t be usable! Always measure at least once to ensure that the measurements are correct. Don’t be afraid to give the experts at Edwards & Hill a call to make sure that it will be a perfect fit.

What Lighting Do You Need?

Keep in mind that a hutch might make your office desk area seem dimmer, so some people like hutches that come with additional lighting. If you want an extra boost with your hutch, keep in mind that it may narrow your search. Many hutches do not come with lights already installed, so consider installing your own additional lighting or purchasing a small desk lamp to brighten things up without limiting your options a great deal.

What Are You Using Your Desk Hutch For?

Last but not least, consider what you are actually using your desk hutch for. Do your desk supplies need a secure space to stay overnight? Are you using it primarily for storage? Do you need adjustable shelves? Make sure that you outline your priorities and concerns beforehand so that you choose the perfect desk hutch without any difficulties.

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