Bariatric Furniture Myths, Busted!


Finding the best bariatric furniture is easier than you think!

Shopping for healthcare furniture can be an intimidating task, especially when you look at all of the different types available. One of the most needed types of healthcare furniture currently is bariatric furniture. Bariatric furniture is designed to accommodate people at a higher body weight and larger size. While bariatric furniture is necessary for every healthcare facility, there are many lingering myths about it that prevent healthcare practitioners from purchasing it. Today we will be busting some of the most common myths about this type of healthcare furniture.

Bariatric Furniture Is Unattractive

Bariatric furniture of the past got a bad reputation for being unattractive and blending in poorly with other types of healthcare furniture. However, the increased need for bariatric furniture has manufacturers taking notice. Today, there are many different bariatric furniture options that will seamlessly and stylishly integrate with the rest of the seating in your office. Many of the things that make bariatric furniture different than traditional healthcare furniture are actually currently in style—like slick metal frames accented with wood and wide cloth seats.

Bariatric Furniture Is the Same As Traditional Healthcare Furniture

Many doctors also don’t see the point in purchasing bariatric furniture because they assume that the items are just bigger versions of traditional healthcare furniture. However, that is far from the case. Bariatric furniture is made using steel or reinforced frames so that it can accommodate a wide range of weights and weight distributions. This type of healthcare furniture is designed (and tested) at many different weights for long periods of time. Bariatric furniture is designed to endure long periods of heavy use with heavy weights and never buckle, break, or bend. When purchasing this type of healthcare furniture for your practice, make sure you read the accompanying literature to see what weights each piece can accommodate.

You Need To Replace Everything With Bariatric Furniture

The last myth we’re busting today is that all of the furniture in your office needs to be replaced with bariatric furniture. In reality, the number of bariatric chairs that you purchase for your healthcare facility is relatively small. Most companies suggest purchasing bariatric seating for 15-20% of your total seating, depending on what your specialty is.

Healthcare Furniture From Edwards & Hill Office Furniture

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