The Changing World of Hotel Interior Design

hotel interior design

Hotels are continuously changing their interior designs to stay up to date for their guests. In today’s society, guests are expecting more from their hotel experience than just a bed to sleep in.  Because of these changes, hotel interior design trends are beginning to reflect those changes.

Hotel Interior Design Trends

  1. Lobbies- The lobby of a hotel will be presenting the first impression for your guests. Instead of simply housing the front desk, the hotel lobby is now becoming a communal space for hotels. While still housing the front desk, the lobby now provides a meeting area for groups while also providing more private areas to charge and work on electrical devices.
  2. Guest Rooms- The rooms that guests will be staying are seeing major face lifts. The interior of these rooms are beginning to include more colors and textures rather than the traditional patterns that are typically found. The guest rooms are also becoming for device-friendly while also allowing guests to feel more at home.
  3. Green- With the economy in its current state, hotels are constantly finding ways to save money while also being environmentally friendly. This means subtle changes to help save water and energy throughout the hotel. More hotels are washing bath towels once the guests leave instead of every night. Larger windows are being installed to allow more natural light to enter guest rooms.
  4. Bathrooms- Previously, bathrooms were deigned to be minimal spaces to allow more room for the guest in the bedroom area. Now, more attention is being placed on the bathroom design to create a more luxurious experience for guests. More room, larger bathtubs, and oversized towels are available to help guests feel relaxed and pampered.
  5. Restaurants- A hotel restaurant is now becoming a major draw for the hotel itself. Restaurants within hotels are now creating their own theme to draw attention to not only themselves, but the hotel as a whole.


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