How to Design a Conference Room

Conference room design

When it comes to creating a productive conference room for your business, attention to detail is necessary. If you want a conference room to reach its full potential, you cannot just simply throw a table and chairs into a room. Planning is helpful and some decisions must be made before furniture is even purchased for the conference room. Here are some details you should consider while designing a conference room:

  1. Size- Consider the size of room you are working with along with the size of your staff. Choose a table that will be able to fit in the room comfortably. You should then choose chairs that will allow staff members to sit comfortably in the room and around the table. A room that is too tight of a fit could cut down on overall productivity.
  2. Atmosphere- You should determine what type of atmosphere you would like to have in your conference room. If you want a more serious atmosphere with a person in charge, choose a rectangular table. This will allow an individual to sit at the head of the table and could lead meetings as an authoritative figure. If you would like a more casual atmosphere with everyone working as equals, choose a circular table. This will allow everyone to be seated evenly and allow a better flow of collaboration.
  3. Décor- Make sure your table and chairs flow with the rest of the conference room décor. Depending on the size of your room, include file cabinets or shelving units that match the table and chairs you have picked. Choose décor after you decide on a table and chairs. Your table will be the main focus of your conference room, so other décor should revolve around the table.
  4. Functionality- Decide what functions your table will need to serve. If computers or phones will be used at the table, make sure electrical outlets are easily accessible. If projects will be worked on in the room, make sure there will be enough space to work comfortably.


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