The Benefits of the Break Room

Break Room 

When you enter an office space, there are a few rooms you are bound to see. You will have a few large offices dedicated to the superiors for the company. You will have many smaller offices for team members to work in. You will also have a conference room where meetings with team members and clients take place. However, there is one room that some businesses are considering doing away with, the break room. While the break room may seem to harm productivity, it actually brings three key benefits to your team members. Without these benefits, you may find a larger decrease in productivity and morale throughout your team.

  1. Socialization- Team members are always encouraged to have positive working relationships with their fellow members. While some supervisors may believe that a break room helps to promote gossip, it really helps to promote a healthy and enjoyable work environment as long as the room isn’t abused.
  2. Productivity- While some may think that the use of a break room harms productivity, it has actually been shown that a break room in the office helps to improve productivity. Employees who are forced to sit at their desk without a break of some type for an entire work day are more likely to become stressed and burnt out. When employees become disgruntled and agitated, their productivity tends to drop dramatically.
  3. Disengage- An office break room is the perfect space for employees to disengage from their tasks for a moment. The office break room tends to also include a microwave and refrigerator to provide a comfortable area for employees to eat their lunches.

Instead of doing away with the office break room, businesses should revisit how they treat their work day oasis. Guidelines should be set as far as break room usage while tasks are assigned to team members to ensure the room stays clean and healthy.

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