Increasing your Office Health

It is no secret that sitting for at least eight hours a day for at least five days a week can begin to take a toll on the body. Between the eye strains from the computer, the stress of the job, and the lack of movement throughout the day, your body can suffer serious office health consequences. Headaches, muscle tension, and weight gain are the most common issues that can be found when looking at the office health in staff, and they should never be ignored. While some might just shrug off these issues, they fail to realize that these relatively “small” problems could blossom to create a much more serious issue.
Here are some tips to help increase your office health:
·	Keep snacks away from your desk. You are more likely to over eat snack items if the bag is kept next to your keyboard. Instead, bring healthy snacks that need to be refrigerated to help monitor how often you eat and what you are eating. 
·	Drink plenty of water throughout the day instead of going for that third cup of coffee. While some may think that lack of coffee is the cause of the midday slump, they are probably actually suffering from dehydration. The general rule with water is to drink about eight cups a day. Drink water throughout your work day while also incorporating fruits in your diet that have high levels of water. 
·	Take a walk while on your lunch break. A walk will help to burn calories while also giving your body and eyes a break from the constant sitting. 
·	Avoid holding the phone in between your neck and shoulder. This constant motion can cause serious tension in your neck and spine, which can lead to more serious problems down the road. 
·	Ask your supervisor if ergonomic furniture is possible to help increase office health. Ergonomic desks and chairs can help relieve stress to your body while also helping your posture. 

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