Characteristics of a Productive Office

Productive-OfficeWhen you enter an office space, you are most likely going to find team members sitting at their desks hard at work. However, productivity levels within an office space can easily take a hit due to distractions, new projects, and natural fatigue. Many small businesses are beginning to wonder how to create a productive office without completely redesigning their space. According to Forbes, there are five characteristics within a productive office.

A productive office will include proper lighting for its staff. While most offices typically use bright fluorescent light, they are actually harming productivity instead of increasing it. Try to incorporate as much natural light through windows as possible to create an energized and productive office. If you aren’t able to use actual natural light, choose bulbs that mimic natural light. Natural light is easier on the eyes, which helps prevent eye strain and headaches throughout the day.
Distracting noises throughout the work day can kill a productive office while other noises can help boost concentration. Panels can be used within a room to help absorb noises, like phone conversations, to help individuals have more focus during the day. If you have a more open office space, consider investing in a white noise machine or natural soundtrack to help the team focus. Be sure that everyone agrees on the sounds to use if this is the route you take.

A productive office is an organized office. Creating specific work stations for team members to utilize throughout the day can not only help keep the office space organized, it can also promote creativity and collaboration. Determine the types of stations your business could utilize the most before implementing this characteristic. Consider a printing station, supplies station, and conference area.
When you arrange your office, arrange based on productivity and not on convenience. While a file cabinet may fit or look better in one area, it could potentially be utilized more effectively in another area. Determine who uses what within your office to create a more productive office. 

Your team can’t be productive if they are uncomfortable. Ergonomic furniture helps create a productive office by keeping individuals comfortable throughout the day. Adjustable chairs and desks will help prevent neck strain as well as muscle tension. 

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