Take A Stand and Mix up your Office Furniture with a Standing Desk

standing desk

Ouch! Stand up straight by switching to a standing desk.

Life is hectic in the Charm City, but for the vast majority of Baltimore residents, they spend most of the work week sitting at a desk chair crouched over piles of work and a glaring computer screen. Sitting for hours at a time can do serious damage to your posture and long-term health, forcing office workers to make the conscious switch to a standing desk when choosing their office furniture. A strained neck, poor posture, and unfailing back pains from sitting for eight hours at a time makes work uncomfortable and unenjoyable. Advance your office furniture to a standing desk to prepare yourself for whatever life throws you way in the bustling city of Baltimore. There are numerous benefits as long as you use your standing desk properly—here are just a few:

Keeps your body in tip-top shape for the long-haul

The number one “killer” in the U.S. is obesity-related conditions like heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and even some cancers. A standing desk can significantly lower your risk of both obesity and obesity-related diseases by taking advantage of the little moments in each day for some light exercise. Even just the act of standing more than sitting will help prevent obesity and could even help you loose weight. Standing for a long period of time in the beginning may be tiring, but over time your body will adjust and you’ll feel healthier overall.

Reduced risk of metabolic problems

Sitting for long periods of time is not natural for the way our bodies are created and for promoting a healthy bloodstream. If you spend all day in your office chair, it is possible your glucose levels found in the bloodstream will be less effective in maintaining your general health. This, in turn, dramatically increases your chance of type 2 diabetes. Sure this has a lot to do with genetics and general fitness, but a standing desk can significant lower your risk of metabolic problems.

Live longer

All of these health benefits add up to two words—longer life. There are numerous factors in increasing your lifespan and adding a standing desk to your office furniture may just help. With the combination of a lower risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease you can significantly increase your lifespan by just standing more than you sit at work. That’s not to say you can never sit—it’s actually good to have a balance, but just try to mix it up. It may just make work more fun and comfortable. Plus, it will certainly make you healthier.

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