What Makes a Chair “Ergonomic”?

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic chairs are an important feature of ergonomic workstations

We talk a lot – and rightfully so – about the benefits of ergonomic chairs, but we rarely discuss what actually makes a chair ergonomic. Many people choose their chairs on the basis of their looks and think of true ergonomic comfort secondarily.

The truth is, lots of office chairs look nice, but not all are ergonomic. If you truly want to work in comfort, it pays to select a chair that can be adjusted both to fit your body and the way you work.

Minimum  Requirements of an Ergonomic Chair

There are several requirements for a chair to be truly ergonomic, and you should make sure to look for them when shopping and comparing.

Height Adjustment. You should be able to adjust your seat height so that your knees are a little lower than your hips, with your feet resting flat on the floor.

Seat Slider. This allows you to adjust the depth of your seat so that you have between one and four inches between the front edge of your seat and the back of your knee to allow for both leg support and blood flow.

Back Rest Height Adjustment. The ability to adjust the height of your chair back allows you to position the contours of the back cushion for optimal back support.

Swivel Base. Provides the ability to turn while seated.

Lumbar Support. The lumbar support needs to be adjustable to place in the correct position. Sometimes this is accomplished by changing the chair back height. Ideally the lumbar is independently height adjustable. On some chairs, the depth and/or pressure of the lumbar support is also adjustable.

Headrest Adjustment.  A headrest is not a requirement for an ergonomic chair, but if you have a headrest, it needs to be adjustable to fit  you properly.

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