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When you walk into a hotel lobby, there are generally two categories of reaction. There’s the ‘oh…’ variety, and the ‘wow!’ variety. It’s our guess that you want your hotel design to push guests’ reactions toward the latter. Selecting the right hotel furniture during the design process can be the finishing touch that your hotel needs to really stand out and have guests coming back again and again. Here are some hotel design tips to keep in mind when selecting hotel furniture.

Splash Some Color

Colors can do a lot more than please the eye. Color psychology, particularly in the hospitality industry, can truly impact the way guests perceive your space. It all depends on the message you want to convey and the ambiance you want to set. Blacks and bright whites convey sleek modernity, pops of bright color can attract and energize, and gentle blues, greens, and neutrals can be soothing and reminiscent of nature. When picking hotel furniture, do some research on color psychology in hospitality and give color its fair amount of thought when planning your hotel design.

Variety is the Spice of Life

In order to give guests an experience that feels truly special and unique, you have to make their experience genuinely unique. Different areas of your hotel design should feature different pieces of furniture, while maintaining an overall cohesive aesthetic. Rather than having the same bland chairs and tables throughout the lobby, restaurant, conference room, and guest rooms, give each area a little extra love when picking out furniture. It’s a subtle nuance that your guests will appreciate whether they know it or not.

Optimize Function Without Sacrificing Design

Whether it’s in creating a multi-use lobby area or adding functional design pieces to guest rooms. Adding storage to ottomans or beds or stepping up the classic sleeper sofa are two easy ways to increase functionality. Skillfully combining the natural flow of a space with the necessity of fitting as much function into that same limited area can be one of the real difference makers in a guest’s decision to return for another stay.

Choosing new hotel furniture is a massive step in hotel design and a huge factor in a guest’s overall enjoyment. When planning for the hospitality industry, it’s crucial to keep guest experience in mind. The right furniture — and the right furniture supplier — will help you get there.

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