How is Hospitality Changing?

Hotel-LobbyLike most industries, the hospitality industry is constantly changing to keep up with the latest trends. These changes can create new methods of conducting business while other changes can affect the furniture found throughout the hospitality industry. So what changes have begun to take place?

  • One of the biggest changes coming to the hospitality industry is the removal of physical keys for rooms. Mobile keys are removing the need for physical keys, which can also allow guests to skip the front desk completely. Because the front desk won’t be such a prominent fixture within the lobby, hotels are using smaller desks to create more space.
  • As more individuals are traveling for their jobs, hotels are evolving to meet the needs of those in business. This means more areas for charging smart devices such as phones and tablets while also providing space to actually conduct business. Hotels are also creating rooms that help to make the individual feel more at home.
  • On the opposite side of those who travel for business, many hotels are also hoping to meet the needs of those on vacation. Some hotels are making changes to become exclusive, with restaurants, bars, spas, and other amenities on the premise so guests don’t have to leave the grounds as often.
  • Hotel room furniture is being designed to serve more than one purpose. Most often, items that appear to be decorations can double as storage areas while tables for dining can fold down into a bed.

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