Lab Space: The Benefits Of Modern Laboratory Furniture

Are you designing a modern laboratory or lab remodeling a pre-existing lab? If yes to one or the other, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to help you design and furnish a lab with exceptional flexibility.

Good flexibility in a laboratory is crucial to maintaining high work productivity because techniques and equipment change rapidly in a laboratory setting. Lab furniture should be sturdy, durable and attractive.

To keep current with laboratory safety precautions and maintain high productivity in the laboratory, you will need versatile lab furniture for on-the-floor and off-the-floor lab work.

An example of on-the-floor furniture would be steel/wood/plastic laminate cabinets bolted or sealed to the floor with rubber or vinyl cove molding.

An example of off-the-floor systems would be steel frames above worktops and below cabinets.

Off the floor furniture systems are low maintenance and have excellent adaptability to changing lab needs.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture highly recommends purchasing laboratory ergonomic furniture to meet your lab work requirements and comfort.

Ergonomic furniture can provide your laboratory infinite adjustability for work surfaces, lab shelving, laboratory cabinetry and other lab necessities.

Steel casework furniture elements work best for laboratories such as reagent racks and wall mounted cabinetry.

When furnishing modern labs always keep in mind that lab furniture needs to provide enough flexibility for expansion and reconfiguration at any given time.

Storage, mobility, strength and stability will need to be regularly available for heavy instruments and assembly fixtures such as laboratory workbenches, laboratory fume cupboards, and other service modules.

Review Edwards & Hill Office Furniture’s Laboratory Furniture Lines today.

Here at Edwards & Hill Office Furniture, we can provide quality, economical technical workstations, ergonomic chairs, wall cabinets, steel casework, reagent racks, countertop solutions, and more for full laboratory modular versatility.

The following are examples of laboratories that benefit from ergonomic laboratory furniture:

  • Medical Labs
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Microbiology lab
  • Blood Banks
  • Veterinary Labs
  • University Labs
  • General Research and Development Labs

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