About Sustainable Barracks Furniture Items

Are you a barracks manager taking on a barracks design or redesign project? If yes, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to provide barracks furnishing tips to make the housing as comfortable and functional as possible.

What are barracks as they relate to furniture?

The barracks are single soldier housing. The design of barracks needs to provide soldiers a good quality of life. Ideally this means the housing is safe, clean, comfortable and well maintained.

To meet these requirements you need to know the needs of the housing occupants. Commonly, dual military soldiers or grade E-5 (SGT) or below are housed in barracks.

What are the standard furniture items a barracks room should include?

A barracks room should at least feature a twin size bed frame and mattress. Beds are bunkable if extra floor space is needed.

The barracks room should also include a computer desk, ergonomic chair, chest of drawers, a microwave and refrigerator. The room should be Wi-Fi and Cable ready too.

As for the barracks building as a whole, there should be a laundry room and day room available.

The laundry room should include several washers and dryers for soldiers to wash clothes.

The day room should include the following durable lounge furniture items:

  • Ergonomic Chairs for healthy posture.
  • Flexible Tables for collaborative work.
  • Couches for group meeting.
  • Love Seats for relaxation.

Learn more about sustainable barracks furnishings by reviewing Edwards & Hill Office Furniture’s Barracks Furniture Lines.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to make barracks feel like home as much as possible for soldiers. We highly recommend purchasing furniture items that are made of renewable products to reduce waste and make barracks rooms environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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Source: http://www.drum.army.mil/PublicWorks/Pages/H_SingleSoldierHousing(Barracks).aspx

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