The Benefits Of Ergonomic Courtroom Furniture


The design of a courthouse courtroom needs to be well planned out. It is not simply a room. A courtroom is an architectural structure open to the public and serves as a representative of a justice system designed to protect the security and rights of American citizens.

To represent the American government as a creditable institution, a courtroom’s interior design must give off the impression of high security, durability, modern efficiencies and flexibility.

This article will provide you valuable information on furnishing a courtroom for utmost comfort and functionality.

Although courtrooms are places of business, courtrooms should be designed in a way that warmly welcomes the public. This can be accomplished with an eye-catching entry and a room layout that comfortably accommodates courtroom occupants such as the jury, judge and lawyers.

The best courtroom designs are the ones that reflect on the historical values of America while incorporating state-of-the-art technology and comfort for all parties.

The courtroom should provide court occupants plenty of natural light from windows and roof sunscreens. This will not only improve the temperament of the courtroom but also the energy management system of the building to strengthen energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the building structure.

Since courtrooms are usually located on the upper floors of the courthouse, it is important that the courtrooms are designed as highly aesthetic spaces.

Here are some key design features:


  • Separate circulation patterns for public, prisoner and judiciary members.
  • Accessibility lifts and ramps for clerks and jury box areas.
  • Ergonomic Jury seating. Swiveling chairs that feature upholstered seats are perfect for jury seating. For spectator seating we recommend wooden pews or upholstered auditorium seating. Ergonomic chairs are a must in the courtroom because defendants and the jury need relief from back and neck strain that result from prolonged sitting.

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