How To Apply Feng Shui To Energize The Office Space

Summer is on the way. It’s a great time to Feng Shui the office for a more vibrant and energized office space.

It’s important to maintain positive energy in an office because you will spend several hours at a time there. A negative office atmosphere could be detrimental to your health and greatly reduce your work productivity.

Feng Shui designs will enhance your work productivity.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture as your feng shui consultant will create a healthy balance between personal space and stimulating business social interactions.

A feng shui office should be designed with corporate furniture that makes you feel successful, appreciated and happy.

People feel these types of positive energy when they can express their creativity and work in a flexible office environment.

You can start creating positive energy in your office space by applying the feng shui commanding position to your desk arrangement.

What is the feng shui commanding position?

The feng shui commanding position is when the desk is faced forward to the door but not in line with the door. This feng shi commanding position will reduce office clutter, help you stay organized and always know when people come in and out of the room.

Add some feng shui plants to your office space as well. Feng shui plants are rich, lush in appearance. Best of all feng shui plants will improve your air quality.

For example: Areca Palmis is a beautiful, air purifying plant that will bring living-flowing energy to the office space. Have an odd number of plants in your office space to increase vibrant energy.

As for reducing work stress and frustration, have proper lighting in the office. Grow lights for floor lamps or table lamps are far more welcoming than fluorescent lighting or overhead lights. When the eyes have a relief from overly bright lighting, the atmosphere helps reduce the mental stress and frustration of workers.

Ergonomic Furniture is a must for corporate furniture items because it improves the physical comfort of workers and reduces the likelihood of physical injury at the office.

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