Bed And Breakfast Inns: What are the Best Hospitality Furniture Items?

Starting a prosperous Bed & Breakfast business is never easy but with the right interior design and amenities, you can offer guests everything they want and more.

Most guests decide to stay and return to bed & breakfast inns based on appearance and the “at home” feeling.

It is crucial to your business success to give guests a good first impression so that they will make reservations time and time again.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to design a warm and inviting bed & breakfast for you.

The walls and hospitality furniture should be warm colors.

Open space layouts should be avoided to give guests a reason to explore your bed & breakfast in and out. You can accomplish this feel of exploration with captivating wall paintings, luxurious lounging areas and vibrant drapes/curtains.

These elements will give the bed & breakfast a soft feel that helps guests feel right at home. More importantly choosing a theme for your bed & breakfast will help you to create a better flow with the design and hospitality furniture pieces.

Ideally, guests want bed & breakfast inns to feel like home. The bed & breakfast inn should be known as a quiet retreat for guests.

Here are great hospitality furniture items you can purchase for your bed & breakfast inn:

-Victorian Style Furniture

-Cottage Style Furniture

-Wicker Chairs/ Seating for porches and bedroom balconies

-Victorian Style Dining Chairs

-Four Poster Beds

-Bedside lamps

What should be inside the guest rooms?

The guest rooms should be furnished with antique or classic furniture – beds, dressers, desks and chairs should have a timeless feel rather than a trendy feel.

Remember, bed & breakfast designs are all about maintaining visual balance that never goes out of style.

For the bedding, place accent pillows on top of crisp, clean linens. The better sleep your guests enjoy at your bed & breakfast, the more memorable and reputable your inn will become.

There should be absolutely no clutter in the guest rooms. Bedside tables are a must for de-cluttering and give guests the impression of having a spacious guest room. Ergonomic seating is also a must for guests to lounge in the comfort of their private rooms.

Warm. Inviting. Thoughtful.

Have a look at Edwards & Hill Office Furniture’s hospitality furniture to see what we can do for your interior space.

Additional Services Include:

-Furniture Assembly Services

-Furniture Warehousing/Furniture Storage Services

-Furniture Project Management and Coordination Services

-Interior Design Services/Space Planning

-Moving Services

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