How To Design The Best Conference Room For Your Office

How To Design The Best Conference Room For Your Office

Are you happy with your conference room?

When you run a lot of meetings you know just how important an excellent meeting room can be. If your design is distracting, uncomfortable, and stuffy, it can not only take away from your attendee’s engagement, but it can lead to an unfavorable opinion of your business as well. While we all hope that our potential clients and employees will judge us by our actions, not appearances, a dingy, poorly lit conference room can say a lot about a company. Fortunately, designing a beautiful, functional space is easy! Today we’ll go through a few tips for planning your space.   

Consider Your Needs

As you begin your conference room design takes into account how many people you will commonly have as guests. Ensuring you have a table large enough for everyone to have space, but small enough to keep things intimate is an excellent first step. Next, consider your chairs – you want them to be comfortable no matter how long your meeting will run. If you often have meetings that run for ages, ergonomic chairs with armrests might be more essential.

Keep It Clean And Bright

Making sure that your conference room stays clean, bright, and well lit is essential. Flickering bulbs, a coffee stain on the carpet, scuffs on the walls, trash on the floor, and a glare from the window are all things you want to avoid. Start by ensuring that your lighting is as natural as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have windows, you’ll be ahead of the game, but make sure to use some diffusing window coverings so that there are no glares.

Additionally, make sure to invest in waste and recycling bins, so that there is an obvious place for visitors to put trash. Next, make sure your conference room is regularly visited by your cleaning staff, any waste should be removed regularly, tables and chairs should be cleaned when dirty, and your carpet should be given regular cleaning and vacuuming. Paint, in particular, should be touched up when scuffed and always chosen to work with your lighting. Bright, gloss whites of pure to blue tones are best for creating a naturally lit environment that helps keep attendees engaged. Yellow toned lighting and wall colors can also be beautiful, but beware as they can also create a cozy atmosphere that encourages drowsiness.

Minimize Distractions

Ensuring that meeting attendees stay focused is essential to success, but that means removing potential distractions and disturbances. One way to reduce distraction is to make sure your conference room is in a quiet section of your building, keeping it away from a bustling lobby is essential. Likewise, removing interior distractions is essential. Offering a setup that allows for quick storage of personal items, like cabinets or cubbies for bags, or under table hooks for purses will ensure that the table and floor can remain clutter free. Another idea is to keep amenities such as water and coffee easily accessible within the meeting room, this way visitors will not have to leave the room if they are thirsty.   

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