3 Small Hotel Design Ideas That Make A Big Difference

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These hotel design ideas might seem small, but they make all the difference for your guests.

When designing a hotel, you must remember that nothing goes unnoticed. Sometimes the smallest amenities are the ones that your hotel guests remember the most. These hotel design ideas might seem small, but they make all the difference for your guests.

Design With The Future In Mind

As a hotel designer, you need to be forward-thinking in terms of technology and design and think about how those two things can work together to benefit your hotel guests. In the Digital Age, everyone has a phone that constantly needs to be charged. When you allow your guests a designated place to charge their phones, computers, and tablets, they’ll know that they are staying in the place that was designed with them in mind.

Consider Your Lighting

In 2018, you should be aware of the best lighting that can help the environment as well as your hotel’s energy bill. LED light bulbs are known for being the most eco-friendly option when it comes to lighting. When they were new on the scene, LED lights could be a bit too bright and too blue. Today, LED bulbs are being made to fit your hotel’s needs. Hotel lighting is always best when it’s not too bright and creates a warm, welcoming glow. LEDs now come in many hues and brightnesses, allowing your hotel to stay fashionable and sensible.

Don’t Let Your Rooms Fall Behind

When focusing on the communal areas of your hotel, it’s easy to let the guest rooms fall behind. The last thing you want is for guests in your hotel to be disappointed when they open to the door to the room where they will be staying the night. Of course, your communal areas are important but don’t let your guest rooms fall to the wayside. Make sure you’re putting just as much thought and care into the rooms people are paying to sleep in.

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