4 Design Tips for Creating a Well-Appointed Office Reception Area

office reception area

With these simple design tips, your office reception area will be on-trend, comfortable, and practical.

Your office reception area is often times the first thing people see when coming into your office. As the first impression people have of your office, you want to ensure that your reception area is both stylish and functional. With these simple design tips, your office reception area will be on-trend, comfortable, and practical.

Clean and Simple Furniture

Having high-quality office furniture that is functional, stylish, and comfortable is a must for your reception area. If your reception area usually has people waiting, you want to make sure that they feel comfortable and taken care of. The quality of your office furniture shows how much you care about the comfort of your clients and employees, so opt for furniture that displays your effort.

Think Green

Placing plants in your reception area is always a good idea. Utilizing live plants instantly lifts peoples’ moods and gives new-comers and clients a great impression. Whether it’s a larger floor plant or an elegant bouquet of flowers placed on the desk or coffee table, incorporating plants is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the look of your office.

Flaunt Your Art

If you have some pieces of art you’ve been meaning to put up, the reception area is the place to hang them. If you don’t have any art, now is the time to look into it. You want art that gives your reception area a calming atmosphere but also displays your personal taste. Displaying art from a local artist is another great way to show clients that you are invested in the community.

Books and Magazines

The reception area is also a great place to display any books, magazines, and/or periodicals that you have around the office. Giving people who are sitting in the reception area something to look at will help them relax and pass the time while they wait. Just remember to keep the shelving or holders organized so that the area continues to look clean and neat.

Reception Area Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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