Dental Office Design: 3 Ideas to Put Patients at Ease

dental office design

Here are three dental office design ideas to help put your patients at ease.

Some folks hate to see their dentist. Whether it is because of fear, anxiety, or another reason for aversion, the reluctance of patients to see their dental professionals regularly can have severe health consequences. To make visits to the dentist more enjoyable, many practices are redesigning their offices to be more welcoming and modern. This can have a calming effect on patients, coloring their experiences with positivity and encouraging them to return. Here are three dental office design ideas to help put your patients at ease.

1. Add Touches of Home

Many interior designers are opting to add small, homey touches to their projects, from those in corporate environments to healthcare. Incorporating comfortable furniture, soft lighting, plants, and other items can decrease stress in employees and visitors. Many healthcare furniture manufacturers are creating pieces that are both comfortable and easy to clean, which is a valuable quality for dental office furniture. Find a balance in your decor between professional and casual to encourage your patients to relax.

2. Cater to Kids

Children in particular can be uneasy in a dental office. Put their fears to rest by creating a waiting area and exam rooms that cater to their tastes. Child-sized tables and chairs, video games, televisions, and other kid-centric design features can make your littlest patients start to look forward to their dental cleanings. Another dental office feature that children love: goodie bags. Incentivize cooperation and good oral hygiene by offering small toys along with goodie bags containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss after exams.

3. Consider an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been popular in office spaces for years, but some dental and orthodontic offices have adopted the open floor plan concept as well. While patient privacy is undoubtedly a concern for offices with open floor plans, some practices are opting to separate some exam spaces with curtains or partial walls as opposed to having them in individual rooms. In these practices, private exam rooms are often available outside of the bank of open concept rooms.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Dental Office Furniture and Design Needs

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