Ergonomic Office Furniture Spotlight: Footrests

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Footrests are an oft-forgotten yet extremely beneficial piece of ergonomic office furniture that can help boost productivity, improve employee health and posture, and make your office’s workspaces more comfortable.

When most folks think of ergonomic office furniture, they think of adjustable desks, supportive chairs, and specialized keyboards. Footrests are not as popular as some other ergonomic fixtures, but they serve a wide variety of functions in the workplace and are an excellent investment for any business, hotel, or home office. They come in a bevy of styles and material options, but they all help accomplish the same goal: better circulation and more enjoyable seating for the user. Footrests are an oft-forgotten yet extremely beneficial piece of ergonomic office furniture that can help boost productivity, improve employee health, and make your office’s workspaces more comfortable. Read on to learn more!

Make a Move Towards Active Seating

Active seating is a concept that is gaining popularity in schools, offices, and healthcare settings. The idea behind active seating is that humans are designed to stay moving throughout the day rather than stay completely still. Furniture companies are manufacturing more and more creative seating options that encourage movement while seated. If your office does not have active seating options like leaning stools, balancing stools, or ball chairs, consider getting a footrest. Most models have platforms that can tilt or rotate to allow for leg, foot, and ankle movement. This increases blood flow and stimulates movement.

Footrests are Great for Your Legs

Aside from encouraging more movement during the day, footrests are great for your legs, back, and posture. Footrests take pressure off of your legs while you sit, which decreases your risk for deep vein thrombosis. It can also increase blood flow to your legs and feet, reduce pressure and pain in your lower back, and decrease swelling in the lower extremities. By placing your feet on a footrest, you can avoid subconsciously moving to a slouching position and putting strain on your back.

Take Full Advantage of Your Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs are great, but it can be difficult to find office furniture that suits every employee when you are purchasing items in large quantities. As a result, shorter folks can have problems getting comfortable in some office chairs that are not adjustable enough. Ideally, ergonomic chairs allow you to place your feet flat on the floor while seated. If your chair is not at the correct height, a footrest can help make up that height difference and prevent leg and back problems. Contact Edwards & Hill today to take the first step towards a more ergonomic and employee-friendly office.

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