The Best Ways to Improve your Office Reception Area

reception area

Discover how to improve your office’s reception area.

Your office’s reception area is vital in making a great impression on clients, and as the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. The layout of your reception area is something you will need to plan carefully. Furniture placement, decor, and space considerations all need to be a part of the design, so that office visitors get a positive first impression the second they step through the door. So, today we will look at the best ways to improve your office reception area’s functionality and aesthetic.

A Comfortable Environment

The reception area should offer visitors a comfortable area where they can sit, relax, and get work done.  You should place the furniture far enough away from the door so that they won’t get cold from people walking in and out on colder days. Have couches and chairs placed together so groups can sit and discuss business while they wait. Set out magazines nearby for visitors to thumb through as they wait, or even avant-garde books of photography or cheesy romance novels. If your budget allows for it, then introduce a coffee maker, a welcoming gesture for guests and potential clients.

Stay Clutter Free

Nothing says disorganized and unprofessional like having a busy, fussy office reception area. Packages and deliveries are left at the reception desk on a daily basis, so it’s important to have enough space to store these items until they can be picked up. Make the desk area large enough that packages of any size can be easily set to the side on another desk surface, or somewhere behind the main desk. Whether a person is visiting your building for the first time or the 100th, they should always feel relaxed and welcomed. For potential business partners and job candidates, design is especially important; their experience in the lobby could be a make-or-break factor in their decision to work with the company. Consider your office reception area as the first opportunity for insight into your business – you want every newcomer to feel the same appreciation for your company that you feel!

Office Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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