4 Innovative Upgrades for Your Hotel Conference Room

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The best way to draw people into your hotel conference room is by keeping your interior design and furnishings fresh and on-trend.

A huge part of the hospitality industry is renting out conference rooms or seminar spaces to businesses who don’t have the space in their own offices for large gatherings. The right conference room or seminar space is difficult to come by though. Your hotel is competing with others to get businesses in the door and renting your facilities. The best way to draw people into your hotel conference room is by keeping your interior design and furnishings fresh and on-trend.

Acoustic Furniture

You might be unaware of this, but furniture, like guitars, can also be acoustic. What is acoustic furniture you ask? Acoustic furniture is simply furniture that keeps noise down while promoting privacy, which is perfect for any space within a hotel, but most ideal for your conference room that is located where other guests will be wandering.

Think Tech

Part of designing an up-to-date conference room is making sure that technology can be used effectively and efficiently throughout the room. Conference tables with outlets in them are a 21st-century must. The last thing you want to be doing is having someone tied up in cords and wires. Make sure your conference space has the correct amount of outlets that are easily accessed from most points of the room.

Be Flexible

This space has a lot of different businesses coming in who all have different agendas and styles. It is important that you maintain the overall atmosphere of the hotel in your conference room while also making it the tech-savvy space that you need it to be. Choosing the correct type of furniture is imperative to this rule. Your hotel conference room furniture should easily fit the needs of your renters without sacrificing your hotel’s style and sophistication.

Bring the Outside In

Bringing nature into professional spaces has been trending for years, and there are plenty of good reasons why this is the case. Bringing in fresh flowers and green plants not only makes the space feel brighter and cleaner, but those indoor plants purify the air as well — making the space actually cleaner. Fresh, live plants will improve your guests’ moods and productivity, making it a coveted area for everyone who comes through your beautiful hotel.

Conference Room Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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