3 Hotel Design Trends for 2018

hotel trends

Learn hotel design trends you will see this year!

With the new year comes a list of new trends for every area of the design world, from colors to textures, and styles. Hotel design also has its own set of design trends that managers and interior designers will be following. This year, it’s all about enhancing guests comfort by implanting those parts of the home that they’ll miss while out on the road. Here are three of those upcoming trends to look out for.  

More Personalization

This year, design trends for hotels are centered on connectivity and personalization. When people travel, they don’t want to stay in a place that feels like they weren’t expecting their arrival. In 2018, the trends are all about providing experiences that make the stay convenient and inviting. This includes more lounge spaces that are inviting, and encourage people to stay and be comfortable with charging stations for all your devices and more comfortable furniture. Inside the room, more hotels are now building kitchenettes and using layouts that feel more like home.  

Environmental Consciousness

Many hotels have taken steps to becoming more environmentally friendly by implementing systems that help in the reduction of physical and energy waste. The next time you stay in a hotel, you’ll probably notice the use of more energy-conserving materials, including Led lights, solar panels, recycled wood, and other organic materials. Furthermore, you’ll also find the use of daylighting techniques, natural ventilation, indoor gardens, and other natural elements that are finding homes and applications inside.   

More Outdoor Spaces

In the past, hotels have been characterized as large boxes that you stay and sleep in before heading out to either conduct your business or explore the city. Now, more hotels are implementing outdoor spaces that encourage people to spend their days, right at the site of the hotel. You’ll see more multilevel terraces, patio areas, and poolside seating that will make the hotel just as much a part of your travel plans as the sightseeing, shopping, parks, and beaches. More natural finishes create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere that will make guests want to stay right where they are.   

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