3 Ways To Bring Nature Into The Workplace

Learn how to incorporate nature into your office design.

Learn how to incorporate nature into your office design.

Most employees that work in a traditional corporate work setting stay indoors for about eight hours a day for fives days a week accumulating to over 40 hours a week.  Although, it has been shown that exposure to the outdoors and natural elements improves mood and energy of individuals.  It is essential to incorporate natural elements into your workplace to improve the productivity of employees.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways to bring nature into your office setting.

Plants Are Simple, Yet Effective

Many people like to have plants in their offices, but they are more than just pretty to look at during the workday.  Bring plants into your workplace will reduce noise throughout your office because it will reduce reverberation time.  Plants are perfect in open spaces such as reception areas because they will absorb noise making it easier for employees to concentrate.  Plants also increase oxygen and airflow in a room, so your employees will be able to breathe better throughout the day.

Let Light In

One of the best ways to bring nature into the office to allow natural light to seep into your workspace.  Natural light has been shown to increase productivity and mood of employees.  You should position your desk close to a window to have as much exposure of natural light as possible.  If you are unable to let natural light into your office, then make your workplace well-lit with artificial lighting.

Natural Materials

If you want to mimic the feel of mother nature in your office, then bring in natural materials such as stones, wood, or even a water feature.  Easily enhance the look and feel of your office with hardwood floors, stone hallways, and a small water fountain.  Having a water feature in your office such as wall waterfall can be soothing to employees.

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